Sunday, February 1, 2015

Oh... This is a blog?

GoDaddy called me a few days ago:

"Hi, is this Meghan?"

"This is [whoever] from GoDaddy, we wanted to let you know your WP hosting will expire next week"

"Oh right, I have a blog..."

Surprisingly, the GoDaddy rep. didn't try to sell me on renewing my WP hosting after I said no thanks. Good for you GoDaddy.

Anyway, that phone call reminded me of my blog and forced me to make a few quick decisions. I had decided a while ago to let the WP hosting expire. I'm clearly not spending a lot of time maintaining this blog, so why am I paying for hosting when I can get decent enough hosting for free. I had originally thought about taking the site down for now, since it is so neglected, but I was talking to my Aunt Linda and she mentioned that she enjoyed the site. She hadn't had a chance to check it out in a while and hoped it would still be there when she did have time. Talking about my blog with her re-sparked my blog interest, although I haven't had anytime to start it back up until now. So, this one's for you Aunt Linda. The blog is still alive! I backed up my entire Wordpress site and imported what I could into Blogger. You'll notice the pictures are a mess in the past posts. I may or may not get to fixing that. We'll see.

I'm not going to make any promises of consistent or even frequent postings. But I'll post when I can.

Let's play a little catch up since August 2014:

The last time we talked, I had shared a video of the farm Colin and I moved to this summer. Well, we still live at the farm. Colin is working as a sales rep in the Kitchen and Bath industry and I accepted a post-doc fellowship over at Johns Hopkins Medicine. Both of our careers are keeping us quite busy. Some of our friends have gotten engaged, we have attended a few weddings, a few more friends are pregnant, some of our friends are single and living it up... Adult life keeps marching forward faster than ever.

We celebrated Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years with our friends and family. It was the first time in 4 years that we didn't have to drive all up and down the East Coast to see as many people as possible. Moving home was a great decision for us.

It's already February 2015. We moved back east over 8 months ago. I can't believe how fast that time has flown by. Our schedule has been jam packed for those 8 months. I think our schedule may slow down a little bit now that the "WE MOVED HOME, SEE ALL THE FRIENDS" phase and holiday's are over. Here's to hoping, at least.

I hope things have been great for you (whoever still reads this blog) since the last time I posted!

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